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"Don't call me sir. I used to work for a living." "He's joking. The proudest day of his life was when Worf earned his commission."

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Starfleet Roleplayers is a Fleet of players on Star Trek Online who are dedicated to mature, engaging, and - most of all - FUN Roleplaying in the Star Trek universe.

Unlike the setting of the game, we prefer to Roleplay in a 24th century timeframe. As a game, Star Trek Online gives us virtually all the resources we need to do this, whether it be uniform, starship, or location related. Additionally, our Roleplay is not set in stone to be a single date. As characters develop and grow, the year will advance and our Roleplay will move into a newer era within the 24th century timeline. This will allow us to portray characters organically, and see them rise through the ranks, as well as face the myriad challenges that endanger the Alpha Quadrant in those years. 

We use all the great means STO provides to achieve Roleplaying immersion in the 24th century. Social and adventure zones, certain missions and featured episodes, ship bridges and interiors, and of course The Foundry.

As a fleet, we believe in fostering a respectful and mature environment for Roleplay. One facet of this is a commitment to Star Trek canon in our characters and storylines. Gene Roddenberry and those who came after him created a vibrant universe for us to explore. We believe that, by respecting the integrity of the universe Mr. Roddenberry so masterfully created for us, we will be able to create a more authentic feel for our Roleplaying storylines. Immersion in the Star Trek universe is our goal!

We are a pretty easy going bunch, many of whom have been together Roleplaying for years before coming to Star Trek Online. If you think our Fleet would be a good fit for you, we welcome characters of all types, not just Starfleet! We already have several civilian characters, and are open to RPers of any faction (civilians welcome too!). We even have a nascent Klingon sister-Fleet for our warrior friends.

What we like to see:

- Mature, friendly, and respectful individuals. Roleplaying is all about having fun, and even when we aren't in-character, Fleet members are like a family. We appreciate people who have a positive personality!

- Good use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Roleplaying is all about storytelling, and that involves a good deal of writing. That being said, we realize that English is not every player's native language (it is this player's third, after Galician and Spanish). We have no desire to be 'grammar nazis' or anything like that, but leet and lolspeak (et al.) aren't compatible with great Roleplying.

- An appreciation and knowledge of Star Trek canon. We all love the Star Trek universe, and everything that goes along with it!

What we do not like to see:

- Mary Sues. Or, perhaps in a Star Trek context, Wesley Crushers. We are not here to bend the rules of the Star Trek universe, nor are we setting a course to one-up the accomplishments of the great Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway (even Archer too!).

- Overly sexualized characters and/or roleplaying. We understand that in Star Trek, as with nearly all good storytelling, love stories happen. But we are not here to get our jollies off and shoe-horn cyber-sex into Roleplaying.

About us!

We are a close group of friends who, when not Roleplaying, are often just chatting, running STFs together, and having fun! We are all very capable players, and enjoy playing all the great content STO has to offer. And of course, we LOVE Roleplaying!

One of our Fleet's core values is that we believe in providing as much support for our members as possible. Having good community spirit and helping each other out is something we are all about. Firstly, the Fleet will never require a member to use/wear/fly a C-Store item without providing either an in-game free alternative (ex. the DS9 uniform box), or assistance in grinding dilithium to exchange for C-Points via Contraband Doff assignments, STFs, etc. Similarly, we do not believe in hoarding items or in-game currencies. To the best of our ability, the Fleet will keep the Fleet Bank, Starbase provisions, and Tier III Shipyard stocked with as many helpful items and currencies as we can, for the benefit of all members in both RP and non-RP related endeavors.

We do not believe in needlessly complicated internal rank structures for our members. In a manner of speaking, our philosophy is quite similar to that espoused by the United Federation of Planets and its 'New World Economy'. We don't gate off Fleet resources to members who aren't members of an internal 'cool kids club' simply by virtue of depositing enough dilithium or other resources to the Fleet's coffers.

How to join!

We do not ask prospective members to fill out applications and jump through hoops to join our Fleet. Simply contact me (handle below) in-game via /tell or game-mail and we can discuss your addition to the Fleet!

Hope to see you among the nebulae!


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